Our approach ramps are made to accommodate dollies and carts.
These diamond plate non-skid steel approach ramps will allow your customers to conveniently roll their goods into the lift.


Our lifts can accomodate a third level building addition!
By using a mast extension our lifts are now capable of servicing a three level building.


Order your lift with our all new Recessed Door or Gate Interlock.
This innovative interlock design combines all of the operating components within the door and door jamb.


Recent Installations

    The client, Hide Away Self Storage in northern California, purchased four Z traffic pattern VRC Storage Lifts. All four VRC Storage Lifts feature our exclusive Truss Designed free standing Mast Tower. They were also equipped with 6' x 8' (FRP) Fiberglass Reinforced Panel carrier car platforms rated for 2,000 lb. load capacity. Each AJAY VRC Storage Lift also came equipped with two of our low profile Roll-UP-Doors, an automatic roof mounted car light, polished aluminum diamond plate floors and NEMA 12 controls with LED Indicator Lights. The project reached its completion in May of 2007.

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