Our approach ramps are made to accommodate dollies and carts.
These diamond plate non-skid steel approach ramps will allow your customers to conveniently roll their goods into the lift.


Order your lift with our all new Recessed Door or Gate Interlock.
This innovative interlock design combines all of the operating components within the door and door jamb.


LED Indicator Light

LED Control Stations

Our standard pushbutton stations are made from welded steel construction(non-plastic) with a powder coated finish that's made to last. Our Controls are NEMA 12 rated, the highest in the storage industry.

Visual Indicators

This system automatically checks and provides a visual light to ensure all roll-up-doors, entry doors and interlocks are latched before the VRC lift will operate.

Total Controller *Optional

Our optional Total Controller has evolved through the years our latest version shown here features lighted push button controls along with LED indicator lights and an optional programmable keypad controller for additional security.



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